Misfit at its worst?




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Misfits in organisations

I would like to investigate what makes somebody feel like a misfit in the environment in which they work and/or with certain people, of groups of people or situations so that I can progress on my PhD thesis ‘what are the characteristics of organisational misfit’. What better than talk with people who have the experience of such situations.

We know how good it feels to fit in with our work environment, with the way that systems are run, with the values of the organisation, and most importantly to fit in well with the people we work with as colleagues or managers. Good fit brings with it many positive outcomes for the organisation, such as increased productivity, commitment and flexibility, with people ‘going the extra mile’ for the benefit of everyone. For us as employees, we enjoy a level of job satisfaction, happiness and mental well-being, as we experience a matching of what we hold as important going on around us and reflected back by the people we interact with. The need to fit in and to feel that we belong is in our basic human nature and we will go to great lengths to maintain that state.

We understand quite a lot about organisational fit, how it is achieved and the outcomes that can be achieved but we don’t know what happens when people feel that they don’t fit in.  Is this ‘misfit’ the opposite of fit, what are the feelings experienced and what are the outcomes? We just don’t know

Will you help? To discuss what you think misfit is, either as a personal experience or because you see it in others?

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